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What is my purpose?

When you first try out collaborative wiki-ing, you may simply want your purpose simply to be "what works and what doesn't work?" This is absolutly fine - as long as you take this knowledge to the next level when you want to do the activity a second time so as to include higher order thinking.

Keep it simple, and let the kids guide you with their creativity.


There are three ways that I have used wikis collaboratively.

Evaluting work

One of the simplest ways to integrate collaboration through wikis is to have students put their work onto a wiki page and have other students come and evaluate their work. This allows all students to see the different evaluations, which means that they intuatively evaluate the evaluations.

You will need to pre-teach evaluating skills and of course have some guidelines as to what is and is not appropriate to say.

wiki examples:
http://nzsuffrage.wikispaces.com/Cartoons (scroll down to see the different levels of abitlity- this was a homework task - so not all students did this!!)

Groups within one class

This is where each group within your class would have a wiki page to work and working collaboratively to present their work. It could be as simple as students typing a piece of work together and other groups being able to see it and comment on via the disucssion tab.