YO!! this is JB here i like eating junk food and going cadet training ialso like getting SMASHED in rugby....

HEyA MaH NamE iz SaBRiNa And i LOvE TO haNG Out WiT ThA cOzEe"S!!

MaH hOBbiEz ArRe



*HaNGinG OuT WiD tHE FAmBaMz

*HanG OuT WID tHE FriEnds

*anD HeAPs mORe But KANT FIt On HeRE

ebony and sabrina
A. On your wiki, you need to write sentences to answer each of the following questions:
1. …describe why national parks are significant
2. …identify where national parks are located in New Zealand (Make a table saying which island the different parks are in)
3. …describe how people use our national parks
4. …describe how two different activities affect our national parks
5. …write down two things we need to remember from the Environmental Care Code for national parks
6. …name a cultural and a natural World Heritage sites. Explain what the difference is.
7. …describe why Antarctica is a unique environment
8. …explain different viewpoints relating to the use to Antarctica.

1.....National Parks are significant

for many reasons some may have historic backgrounds, some may have tourist attraction because of their beauty, and many more which is special.... 2......