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Melaia and Christina..
1. …describe why national parks are significant...National parks are significant because it attracks tourists and no one owns the National parks, its for the world to look after.
2. …identify where national parks are located in New Zealand (Make a table saying which island the different parks are in)
3. …describe how people use our national parks..People use National parks by visiting, exploring and protecting the National parks.
4. …describe how two different activities affect our national parks..How two activities affect our National parks is by allowing visitors to have something to do.
5. …write down two things we need to remember from the Environmental Care Code for national parks. One enviromental code is having alcohol banned from particular areas. Another environmental care code is not being able to take your own entertainment gear to specifc national parks, such as fishing boats and rods.
6. …name a cultural and a natural World Heritage sites. Explain what the difference is.A cultural heritage is being part of that specific nation and country where as a World heritage it many different countries which have a responsibilitiy of having their own piece of area to look after.
7. …describe why Antarctica is a unique environment..Antartica is a unique environment because it contains 90% of the worlds fresh water and the oceans around Antartica there are many fish and in the land below the ice it is believed that there are many minerals oil deposit, gold and copper.
8. …explain different viewpoints relating to the use to Antarctica..For exploring and reasearch