Choose one of the groups to work on (eg Tui or Kiwi)

Click edit this page on Tui or Wiki.

1. Go through each icon and see what it does (you can point to the icon without going to each one)

2. On your page - write 3 things that you want to learn about wiki-ing.

3. Upload an image onto the wiki.

4. Type the word clearlinks cluster. Open in a new page the clearlinks wiki page. Copy and paste the URL. Now come back to your page and highlight the words clearlinks cluster. Select the hyperlink icon and paste the URL. Then it save.

5. Create a link to a new page on your wiki: Type your name and page... eg Lizz's Page. Highlight your name and select insert hpyerlink icon. This will create a new page called "_'s Page". You can call the page something different if you like - but it does not matter. Hit Save and then click on your the hyperlink. This takes you to a new page - which you can edit and put new things on.