This wiki is for students and teachers to learn how to "wiki." This site is managed by Elizabeth O'Hagan.

The First Thing You Need to Do...

1. Become a member of wikispaces

To edit and use wikispaces, you must become a member. You do not have to create your own wikispace to be a member. The simplest way to join wikispaces is to click on "Join this Space" - if you are not a member of wikispaces, this gives you a hyperlink to join wikispaces.

2. Becoming a memeber of an existing wiki

logged_in.gifOnce you have become a member, to join a space you need to be logged in. To join a particular wikispace you need to again select "Join this Space". This will prompt you to send a "request membership" comment to the wikispace organiser.

This will take you to a comment box where you can let the organiser who you are. Join_this_space.gif

From here the organiser (in this case Mrs O'Hagan) will accept (or reject!!!) you. Once the organiser has accepted you, you will be sent an email to let you know. If you are doing this in class, just refresh your screen once Mrs O'Hagan lets you know she has accepted you. Once accepted you can edit the wikispace.

3. Click on your class' instructions

To see what to do in class today, click on your class below.